Some of my Fine Art pieces are available in print form.  If prints are available of a particular piece they are listed below that Fine art piece.  When you go into the customization of the prints, I have placed an example there for you to view, but it is only an idea.  You are able to create your own look by simply changing the mat, mat size, eliminating the mat and choosing your own style of frame!  It is so simple and it is a fabulous way of getting a sample of my work into your space.  Contact me if you have any questions or difficulties.

Best wishes, Nancy

Many times it is necessary to have multiple views to understand an object you are viewing and especially before a purchase.  Please, do not hesitate to contact me,
[email protected], for additional views and clarification. I try to be as detailed as possible with my descriptions, but there can always be more information to lend.

Enjoy, Nancy

Example: with my Clay Paintings.  I have them pictured front view in my gallery, and mention that they are five sided, ready to hang, and that they are totally hand built. But does that give you enough information?  With any questions:  I can generally answer quickly and provide those additional views for better understanding. Voila!