Now placed for a short period in my Gallery titled "Unexpected Surprise". This Abstract on paper is priced at $950.00, but for a short time period I will be placing some items in this category for a reduced pricing. If not purchased, it will return to the original price. Currently I am working with a contractor on a new studio, and needing to reduce some inventory, but not too many. These are still showing and I still love, hope you will also enjoy as much as I do. Temporary price only through the this spot, and only through Artspan. Now $590.00

"Questioning", is an acrylic painting on 100% archival, acid free, cotton rag paper. The paper measures approximately 30 1/2" x 22". These latest abstractions are dealing with shape and form breaking down the surface plane. The same method is how I work with the human figure. There is more tension in "Blue Island" and "Questioning" than in "Eclipse". Where as, "Ocean" is an abstraction that brings back memories of the ocean. Looking through the water, and having a shell or rock distort the color, and the white froth mix with the slight obstructions.

In "Questioning" the coloration is more dramatic, higher contrast in color values. The color emphasis is in black, white, blue and olive. Definitely a "feel" painting, with tactile and visual texture.

This painting is not framed, leaving many options open to the collector and decor'.
The image I have shown measures approximately 29" x 20". This is the approximately area I would suggest revealing through the opening in a mat or frame. However "Questioning" could be cropped a bit larger. ( I have included the full paper view also).
This is acrylic painting, and gesso.

Lots of visual and tactile texture.
Enjoy, Nancy
30" H x 22.5" W x 0.125" D    Weight 7 lb

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