Where All Roads Lead

Where All Roads Lead, is an oil painting painted on a mixed media surface of papers, fabric, acrylic paint, some tapes, even bead work. My base composition is set up for my final oil work, so as all my pieces, it is much layering and excitement in the process.
As you view my gallery on Saatchi, the diversity jumps out. If you have followed my work over many years this would be no surprise, or if your read my blog, you might have a better understanding. I am academically educated in fine arts, have taught college and privately for many years. My family understands my passion and I rarely miss a day not being in the studio. I produce and love producing. My biggest problem, and probably not a problem for me, is that once I do two figurative pieces in a row, I need to shake it off because doing a third becomes mechanical for me. I need to shift gears look at the space, or texture, etc. So lucky for me, I also own a kiln. So I might turn to clay, or abstractions, none of which I consider lesser arts. These all make me ME. So if you ask, can I do silversmithing, yes; stain glass, yes; print work, yes; fiber arts, yes ... my mind never stops.
So enjoy "Where All Roads Lead" that is my space in the blue and pink. Might look small on the 24" x 24" canvas, but this is a birds eye view. My space is huge.
Enjoy, Nancy
This piece might need a another month before shipping. But can be reserved :)