Counting Sheep

"Counting Sheep" an abstract with a story. My strokes, my paintings, always have a meaning, maybe you need an explanation or must read between the lines, but a story lingers, a narrative lives on the canvas. For me it isn't just the paint and balance, there is an emotional story tied to every piece. Enjoy. oil on canvas.
With a figurative piece it might be easier to reveal a story line, a poetry of figure in the positive and the negative. With all my art, I get lost in the paint, the process the imagery the iconography. With abstractions It is the linear and mass, the shapes and form that I begin my emotional journey. This happens to be a move that family is making from our location, coupled with a medical issue in the family. My art becomes my best medicine. How I can process and reconcile feelings, how I fraction off the families and know that there are still passages to one another, that we will never be left alone. I never wrote or shared the thoughts behind a piece until I was asked to do so recently. Many sleepless nights, when getting up and painting relieves the stress and allows the movement of strokes to take over. The recognizable hub of the family is still intact as the rectangular image dissolves and becomes solid.

This is a pleasant size piece a 30" x 24" x 1 1/2" deep.
Enjoy unframed, but if you desire a frame, I would recommend a floater frame. Also play a round with the frame option under the print shop, even if you want the original, it is a wonderful tool that artspan offers.
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I have also ventured, or got my toes wet with Vida, a clothing and house hold line of art, find me there. This piece you can find and purchase as a glass dish or a clothing wrap that looks so.. cool, I can't wait to get one!
Most of all Enjoy, Nancy