Fish Bowls

Studying some landscapes and breaking down the shapes and forms with a limited color palette. Whatever art I decide to do when I step into the studio, is just so liberating.

It is almost like squinting at the land in front of you and allowing the atmosphere to blur and create these magical forms. A delight to the senses and to reach out and touch without all the detail. I can smell the freshness, the rain from the night before, and I welcome the colors to happen. Of course, I can't stop the urge to add a bit of linear.

This fine art piece is "Fish Bowls", as though you are looking from a birds eye view into two fish bowls. The aerial view has played great importance in my work, check out the vantage point in many of my figurative pieces.

I would just slightly overlap with a mat or float in the opening of the mat. I would give this acreage with the matting, allow for a four inch mat and a bit heavier bottom mat. I left a small white edge to slip under the matting. The actual piece measures approximately 20 3/4" x 14 1/4".

The coloration in this piece is a wonderful combination of inspiring hues: teal, orange, putty, touches of black, white and more. Two deckle edges.

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