Canary in the Coal Mine

Inspired by the idiom "Canary in the Coal Mine", this acrylic painting is a 2 panel, deep stretched canvas, with each panel measuring 30" x 24" x 1.5". The actual painting will measure 30" x 48" x 1/5" when hung on the wall. I begin with a triple primed canvas and I have added papers and gesso to collage my surface and create my base composition.
There are four canary images in flight and the title wording in the piece,but much of that has been obscured.
These two panels are wired and ready to hang. My preference is that they hang with a slight separation between the two as shown in the photograph, adding an additional 1" to the overall presentation view on the wall (30" x 49" x 1.5" or slightly wider). These panels do not have to be framed since the painting carries onto the sides of the canvas. However a floater or edge frame could be used if desired.
Enjoy, Nancy