Canyon Eyes

"Canyon Eyes" is an acrylic painting on triple primed stretched canvas that measures 36" x 36" x 1.5" and is wired and ready to hang.

"Canyon Eyes" incorporates a collage composition base on the triple primed canvas, using a variety of papers and textures. The color theme is raw umber/khaki,black, gold, teal, cream,deep red, plus variations. The sides of the canvas are painted, so a frame is not necessary to hang this fine art painting. If a frame is desired, I might suggest a floater frame, so that the frame does not lip over the edge of the piece.

I added a curved line element of raised molded half spheres, measuring approximately 3/8" in diameter and an 1/8" high.

Whether I am painting a non objective abstraction or including the human figure/still life, linear components are important to me, as well as a balance of form and shape.

Repetition is important within the composition. Look closely at what appears to be black circles, they have visual texture, plus the gold linear element.