Never Distant

"Never Distant", Is an abstract acrylic painting on triple primed canvas. The wood stretchers are deep measuring 1 1/2" and the painting is carried onto the sides of the canvas stretcher. By carrying the painting over and using the deeper canvas there is no need to frame this painting. However, you may choose to frame in a floater frame for your decor'.
This painting does incorporate some collage on the base gesso layers prior to the acrylic painting. I establish my palette and directional composition with the collage, and allow the collage to punctuate through the paint.
I am in the process of moving and this painting captures my preoccupation with the land and it's disrupted beauty. I enjoy all the hues that are quietly assembled, and to someone else will be missed entirely.
Enjoy this 40" x 30" painting that your eye can flow over easily but can stop and rest on soil changes, stone illusions, and much more.

Love this piece.
framed the overall size is approximately 41 1/2 x 32"

Enjoy, Nancy