Neighborhood Meeting, abstract acrylic painting

"Neighborhood Meeting" " is an abstract acrylic painting on 300 lb. archival, acid free, 100% cotton rag, primed paper. The paper measures approximately 30" x 22 1/2". I cropped in on the paper to reveal the painted mage to measure approximately 26 1/4" x 18 3/4". The outer edge of the painted image is very crisp. This painting allows so much for the collector to decide how to present. This piece can be framed right up to the edge of the painting itself, or mat larger and frame to your own decor'!! Either way the coloration will add drama to you space and work beautifully with figurative or still life works. The coloration is low keyed: cream, cream/green, black/green, orange/rust, aqua, black, and more Enjoy, Nancy