Ginko Mask

"Gingko Mask" is truly not just a mask, but how I can keep it classified. If you really follow my work, you know that I have great reach in a variety of materials. I love creating, have a creative mind, love teaching, am a technician, and want to learn something new every day. So experimenting is vital.
I do have a blog: where I try to explain how I create, but this blog also takes time to keep up with. I am always available to answer questions and teach privately, group classes and online classes.
Now to the mask. I own a kiln and do a nice amount of stoneware work. The cost of shipping stoneware and sculpture, well, let's say, I just find it easier to sell in brick and mortar locations and avoid that aspect. Follow me on pinterest for some of my clay posts or FB.
The Gingko mask is a stoneware, high fire, hand built piece. this would be classified as a mixed media, relief, since it cannot be viewed from all sides. The masked is attached to and 8" x 8" wood canvas that collaged and then painted with acrylic paint. I also framed this in a black wood floater frame which is wired for hanging. the outer dimension of this frame is 10.25" x 10.25" and the mask projects approximately 6" from the wall. The one drop of cord extends below the frame approximately 4.5" another cord approximately 1 .5" below and the third is approximately .5 below the bottom of the frame.

This was created on a curve so that the mask does not lay flat, It incorporated leaf prints and tribal images. The glaze is a deep rich prussian blue , revealing all the clay impression from the gingko leaves . I then used a durable crochet thread, my preference would have been a waxed cord, but loved this color. Used the crochet thread for wrap work and macrame. Added wood and fabric elements to balance my composition to the macrame and to the canvas surface.
Funny how macrame has made such a come back, I have made sure to incorporate that into my teaching throughout the past 30 plus years.
Enjoy, I have another mask I am currently completing, but always painting at the same time. Love how I am able to work and create. Fortunate
Also added one photo of my new dishware, all one of a kind, individually painted, goldfish and koi.