Blanketed Dreams

I was asked by a gallery if I could do a few more fiber art pieces. This is a smaller one that I just did. There is a lot of materials in this, but not confusing.

I started with wanting to work in a painting or painting portion. This is all created on a stretched canvas and is wired for hanging. I also new the color family I planned to work within. I created a tribal stoneware piece that I stamped with a relic for an image. (When I do these stamped pieces, I will do a number of them at a time, and keep them on a separate shelf to use as work permits.)

I crocheted sections, I made roping out of numerous combinations of fibers. And this piece slowly took shape. Adding my own handmade stoneware buttons and wood accents to create the composition. I added two of my stoneware (actually I use them as stoneware shot cups) cups and made them into bells instead to drop from the bottom of the piece.

Yes, there is much going on, but the coloration keeps the business under control. All the sewing really makes my fingers sore :). Probably the last thing I added in addition to the bells was the linen stitching on the figurative, acrylic painting.

I always welcome questions and comments.
How you enjoy,