A Moment to Dream

"A Moment to Dream" is a mixed media/ encaustic painting on primed 100% archival paper, cotton rag, acid free.
My strong love for rendering the human figure is still apparent when you come visit the studio or view the bulk of my work. I do twist and turn into abstracts and other modes to keep fresh and aware of my elements.
Here I work with one of my models just to capture the rest amidst so much going on in her life. I want her to relent, relax, and just feel the weight of her own body.
I use multiple techniques to capture the end result. Using gesso to prime my stretched paper, watercolor and acrylic washes, collage and gold leaf application, pencil work, wax and oil wash.
I am happy with the result.
This is not a large piece the paper measures approximately larger than the opening in the mat, which reveals the image 11" x 15 1/2".
This piece will arrive matted and backed, but mostly for presentation and shipping. Mat and frame to your own tastes and decor'.
Most of all enjoy, and look closely at all the texture the surface allows.
Take time to look at all the wonderful print and framing options Artspan offers. Do this even if your desire is to purchase the original, this will give you so many more ideas.