Red Koi

"Red Koi , So much fun, as always painting. I tell my students, know your materials well enough that you can create your dreams. well, the first picture was my plan for the end result. I worked on a wood cradled stretcher, small 8 inch square. Used acrylic paint, and sanded in between coats and varnish. My desire was a smooth surface. Then what happened, two paintings. Red Koi series. These need to dry and will take a couple weeks.
I have always loved the fish images and added it in many different ways to my own work, via actual fish prints illusions of waterlife, to realism. The fish images is an images of rebirth and renewal. So it will constantly pop up in my work subtly or absolute.
I loved the way I began these pieces, there are actually more to be done, but I have 3 commissions in the gates to be done, oh my!
Enjoy, these mixed media, oil paintings. I do hope to have them framed shortly, the painting does carry off onto the sides, and working on the wood cradled stretcher allowed for better sanding in between varnishes.
8" square approximately 1/2 inch deep.
Love, Nancy
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