Lucia's Garden

Open the windows and let Spring enter. Lucia's Garden is more tonal, but it is a nob to the blossoms that will be coming soon. It is a statement the branches are getting ready to erupt in the full color splendor. Right now the colors are laying low, but the flowers are palpable. That is why my visual story is low keyed and allowing the flowers to remain as textural beings and not full color. Allow your imagination to expand, from what you know the season will bring. The blossoms we will enjoy are only under a temporary veil.

The canvas measures, 48" x 24" x 1.5" . This is wired for immediate hanging. This painting can be framed, but framing is not necessary.

Coloration of negative space is more of a putty hue with the floral areas being a dulled red or medium to lighter brick hue. There are a few punctuation of a steely looking teal.

Enjoy the wealth of texture. And definitely touch!