Dancing Iris

"Dancing Iris" is subject matter that I have traveled before, but with my area just feeling a touch of Spring warmth,I am pulled even more into the Good Vibes of blooms.
These pieces combine a number of techniques, the process is always exhilarating. I want to run around and light fragrant candles, open windows,and put on island music to get all the senses in gear. And I can dance!
"Dancing Iris" measures 12" square format, wood canvas, that is 7/8" deep. This does not need a frame, but I would probably place this into a floater frame for display.
Acrylic painting, gloss varnish.
Even if you only want to purchase the original, check out the print options on Artspan. Artspan allows you the opportunity to PLAY with the art and see how it looks framed many different ways and you can even change the wall color. So experiment and have fun.
Enjoy, nancy