Midnight Lotus

I have always loved to render a few flowers. That rendering occurs between other images; I will rock back to explore a flower I enjoy. This happens to be the lotus, inspired by my pond.

This is similar to "Dark Lotus" which has been sold and was a vertical piece. This, however is a square format, and the technique requires numerous levels of work for the end result. I wanted to keep it dark, but the piece can really change when exposed to a room with more lighting.

The color base, other than it is a heavily collage surface, is deep tonal blue and rust. This still allows some of the collage elements to take on their own coloration. I then use layers of medium and then mask my flower and stem areas. I wanted this to remain low key, the value change between the flower elements and the negative space, so once I mask off, it is hard to exact the hue that is underneath. I use the same coloration of paints with more medium and glaze, hoping to create the subtle variation between positive and negative areas.

I was very pleased to see the result when masking was removed. Then an additional layer of proper acrylic varnish was necessary to finish. I believe I will still frame if not purchased prior.

Enjoy, watch your wonderful flowers at night. They dance and sparkle.

"Midnight Lotus" measures 20" x 20" x 1 1/2".