Tall Poppies

"Tall Poppies", is a acrylic/mixed media painting on a 12" x 24" x .75" stretched canvas. These started with my interested in a dirty pour/swipe technique, but wanting to take it further. I have done a number of these, but added more manipulation of the paints to create my effects.

My Blog, linked to Artspan, explains the technical and some of the emotional aspects of my work. nancybossert.blogspot.com.
Decided to go with poppy flower which is a favorite of mine and a tapestry look. I used collage to create the poppies and gold linear work.
Followed up with three layers of satin glaze sanding in between each.
This is a lot of color for me, but it has some majolica in the patterns and how they compliment.

Check this piece out with the print option, so much fun to play with and see how different frames can look on a piece.

Enjoy, Nancy

I did complete a figurative piece working this way, "Dreams", which is also shown in steps on my blog. I have a second female figurative that I am
now working on.

A plus with this size canvas is it can be easily framed, no glass. Where the deeper canvases look fine unframed or in floater frames.