Sacred Red II

Sacred red II, is an acrylic/ mixed media painting on a 12" x 12" stretched canvas. I have explained this process on my blog, My Blog has a direct link from my artspan site.

This is handled in the same manor as "Granite Narcissus" and "Tapestry Poppies" and I have a new figurative in progress using the same technique. Follow me on Instagram: bossertnancy and you can see many additional pieces not always making it to my on-line sites. I always welcome questions and comments.

On this one I utilized the pour/swipe technique with acrylic and then worked back into the piece. And, yes, I did include the face of Christ in the poppy.

Christian iconography of the poppy: A poppy may represent sleep or indifference because of its narcotic qualities. It is sometimes used in depictions of the Passion of Christ as a reference to the sleep of death.

I added numerous collage pieces with a variety of patterns and visual textures in a specific color theme. I wanted the poppies to become one with the acrylic pour/swipe and then my inclusion of additional painted areas. I added gold linear work in creating more patterns and in edging. The final varnish is a satin. I enjoy the satin look and feel to the completed piece. This is framed in a fantastic gold crackle wood floater frame and is wired for immediate hanging.

Enjoy, Nancy