Duo Koi

"Duo Koi" is a new piece that was created upon the return of seeing my Mother. ( Also created at the same time was Pears on Gold.
Inspired by her and many of my older pieces, I felt the pull to work an older technique of mine. Needless to say my days spent with her were wonderful.
The archival paper that Duo Koi is rendered measures 18" x 15". The area I would expose through the opening in a mat would be approximately 14" x 11". (This is what I show in my first photograph, I have also included the full sheet of paper.)
This painting begins as the paper is primed for the gold leaf and then I added a watercolor and acrylic mix to create my orange, which borders varying amounts of the gold leaf section. The Koi and water lily pads are then rendered on top of the gold leaf with the same mix of paints and pencil.

This piece does require glass. Enjoy all the possibilities in matting and framing.