Poppies and Blue Butterfly

"Poppies and Blue Butterfly", is part of a series where I am creating a backdrop of color and texture through paint and collage technique. I love the poppy as a flower and I love lotus and several others equally. Here I have tapped into the poppy image, similar to Dark Lotus, done with similar technique and size which has sold, but you can reference that painting. After layers of rich red/orange and flashes of teal and black pigment and the proper mediums and masks, I created the number of floral images I wanted for the painted surface. Using mask and medium I developed the arrangement and then stepped into the next family of pigments that would reveal my assembly of plant life (composition). Such excitement as the reveal happens. This painting is created on a triple primed stretched canvas that measures 30" x 15" x 1.5". I love this size because it fits so many places and ushers you into a new space that might not have been utilized with such a surprise factor. I reveal an outer edge on the painting plane that echoes the color of the poppies, this is a 1/4" or less of a border floating in and out. The sides of the canvas are painted red/orange! Contact me for additional pictures, I will be happy to supply. This painting is full of visual and tactile texture, but it shows restraint, the colors are there, but do not scream. Enjoy, Nancy