Blue Koi

"Blue Koi" is an acrylic painting with a collage base. My love for texture and muted hues truly reveals itself in this painting. Very narrow, this painting measures 16" wide and 40" in height. The approach to this painting is similar to "Dark Lotus" and "Blue Stone Magnolia". I began with a triple primed stretched canvas surface, with a darker acrylic wash. I then added archival papers and prepared textiles to the surface and coated with additional layers of acrylic paint in deep blue hues. I later masked off the areas I wanted to remain the deep blue and sealed those area. Next painting layers of acrylic paint in oyster off white, yellow ocher, rust and glazes. the excitement happens in removing the mask to reveal the fish and plant life. Lots of underlying coloration and tactile texture.
This painting has a gloss finish, and could accept a frame, however the canvas is wider, 1 7/8" sides are painted a deep blue black color.
There is some gold leafing in this piece.
I welcome any questions.

Blue Koi and Dark Lotus are those wonderful pieces that when you bring them home you will find so many locations to place them in your home or collection. The size makes them so versatile on that slim/column wall or smaller wall you want to bring attention to. The sphere raised shapes in "Blue Koi" add dimension as well as the feeling of water space and interest. Love the process, love the result.

Enjoy, Nancy